Consortium Board

The SEB consortium board is the decision-making body of the consortium. The SEB consortium manager ensures the day-to-day running of the Consortium. The board is responsible for overall governance and technical direction, as well as appointing and supervising the Consortium and its budget The SEB board shall consist of not more than five (5) consortium principal members with one representative each (“Board Members”). The Consortium Manager shall attend the SEB Board meetings in an advisory capacity, but has no voting rights. Each representative of the principal members of the SEB Board shall have one vote. As a rule the principle of "ad personam participation" shall apply. If “ad personam participation” of the representative is not possible, the principal member appoints a substitute. As a rule, the position of a Chairwoman/Chairman of the Board shall be rotated every year from one principal member to the next one. The SEB Board shall meet as often the business may require it, but at least once every financial year.

Renato Furter, SWITCH representative (non-voting member of the board)

Representatives from Monash University

Michael Rüegg, ZHAW (voting member, delegated by the Special Interest Group "E-Assessment" of the eduhub community. The SIG e-Assessment has been mandated to represent SWITCH within the SEB Consortium.)

Thomas Piendl, Chairman, ETH Zurich representative (voting member)

Nathalie Roth, SWITCH (consortium manager, non-voting member of the board)