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We are no longer providing outdated SEB versions for download. We are only supporting the latest SEB version and will remove all older SEB versions after a grace period. Please adjust your procedures accordingly. Only with updated SEB versions you can achieve the best possible security and stability of e-assessments. Therefore you have to keep your exam environment up to date, there is no alternative to regular updates. Download current versions.

Outdated software extensions for old versions of supported Learning Management Systems: Moodle, ILIAS.

Release Date Comments
Safe Exam Browser for Windows
SEB 2.4.1


Maintenance update, which can be used if the refactored, more modern version SEB 3.x misses a feature you need. SEB 2.4.1 fixes an issue which was reported to happen when using the SEB-Moodle Deeper Integration.

We don't recommend to use this version anymore, please transition to SEB 3.3.2 or newer ASAP. We cannot provide any support for this version anymore.

SEB 2.3


New features for increased security and usability.

  • Private clipboard option.
  • Zooming of browser windows using the Ctrl +/- shortcuts.
  • Downloading and uploading files in the browser can now be disabled.
  • Enabled SpeechSynthesis API.
  • Various bug fixes.
SEB 2.2.3

Important security update for SEB 2.2.x and SEB 2.1.8.

  • Fixed calculating the Browser Exam Key on Windows set to Swedish and probably Turkish and the check for detecting additional (irregular) files in SEB's program directory .
  • Added settings option to switch off detector for RDP/remote session.
  • Security improvements important mainly when running SEB on managed computers.
  • The dialog "Open File With... Safe Exam Browser" is no longer displayed when downloading and opening .seb files.
SEB 2.2.2

Maintenance update for SEB 2.2/2.2.1

  • Fixed calculating the Browser Exam Key in the SEB Config Tool
  • Added a check for detecting additional files in SEB's program directory
  • Fixed an issue when en-US was always selected as spell checking language
SEB 2.2.1

Maintenance update for SEB 2.2 with some new features and many improvements, like spell checking with configurable languages. URL filter treats query strings in URLs consistently. Improved handling of Registry keys for power options.

SEB 2.2

Major release with refactored Firefox 52ESR browser engine and many new features, like additional resources, new URL filter, loading SEB config files from authenticated servers.

SEB 2.1.8
2017-12-01 SEB 2.1.8 increases security and stability. Re-introduces the "Create new desktop" kiosk mode, which reliably blocks notifications. Blocks new default prohibited processes like some screen sharing and communication tools, fixes the severe "Sticky Keys" security issue and Process monitoring is now always active and improved, also handling permitted processes.
SEB 2.1.7
2017-09-27 SEB 2.1.7 fixes that some web browsers could display notifications while SEB was running and improves handling permitted and prohibited processes in general and blocks prohibited processes more securely.
SEB 2.1.6
2017-08-03 Safe Exam Browser 2.1.6 for Windows fixes a problem with the mouse cursor introduced by the recent Windows 10 Creators Update, adds support for webcam and microphone access and improves compatibility to config files generated with SEB 2.2.
SEB 2.1.5
2017-04-05 Safe Exam Browser 2.1.5 for Windows contains additional bug fixes for using specific permitted third party applications and fixes minor bugs and usability issues in the SEB Config Tool.
SEB 2.1.4
2017-03-02 Safe Exam Browser 2.1.4 for Windows facilitates deployment on managed computers with changes in the SEB installer and improvements in the management of config file encryption using X.509 certificates.
SEB 2.1.3
2016-07-07 Safe Exam Browser 2.1.3 for Windows adds support for using Windows system proxy settings and fixes some important issues.
SEB 2.1.2
2016-03-24 Safe Exam Browser 2.1.2 for Windows supports the native HTML5 full screen mode, hardware acceleration in the browser and fixes some minor problems.
SEB 2.1.1
SHA1: 954b373fa4402739d61a23a336f4f2326d7f4b6b
2015-11-26 Safe Exam Browser 2.1.1 for Windows is compatible with Windows 10, contains improvements when running on Windows 8.1/10 tablets and increases general stability.
SEB 2.1
SHA1: 588ea06d91ff9b66004311876506918e25303383
2015-08-19 Safe Exam Browser 2.1 for Windows includes new features (as a touch/tablet mode, new buttons and time display in task bar), usability (upgraded config tool), stability and security (process monitoring) improvements.
SEB 2.0.3
SHA1: bda6a033b4c1665888a2416b76d0fa2db2f88989
MD5: 6b5421a06026910f8594d02f8e74a539
2015-02-28 Safe Exam Browser 2.0.3 for Windows improves stability, allows to control Flash, Java and JavaScript use and fixes Flash issues with SEB's kiosk modes.
SEB 2.0.2

MD5: 28e6059befe9f125d24868de7c68282d
2014-12-10 Safe Exam Browser 2.0.2 for Windows contains several important bug fixes which increase stability and some new features like a browser log.
SEB 2.0.1

MD5: 9a1c35c30581054f48208da7aea1ca08
2014-08-21 Safe Exam Browser 2.0.1 for Windows updates the integrated browser, contains several bug fixes and new functionality for removing the embedded browser session data (cache, cookies, local browser storage etc.) when exiting SEB.
SEB 2.0

MD5: 7f869d00cb586da1094860f3fd3a944f
2014-06-02 Final release of Safe Exam Browser 2.0 for Windows 7 and 8. Completely re-engineered SEB 2.0 with a full range of new features and superior usability.
MD5: e4a03d9d667ad65f32f585202842e5c9
2013-05-23 Bugfixed final release version: New, more stable Windows installer, improved configuration editor, improved browser component. Last official SEB release for Windows XP
MD5: 115223bd32d516bf6f45390222b8f5a4
2012-10-08 Beta version: New, more stable Windows installer, improved configuration editor, improved browser component.
MD5: e8854476f15b152e8d52669c0f70104d
2012-02-20 Bugfix: Reloading the browser page by pressing the F5 key now works.
MD5: b4b848b1c7bee3ba1fbb4c5cf7a4a38a
2012-02-13 Two bugfixes: SEB installer creates icon and shortcut on public desktop, SEB restores the previous registry settings when finishing.
MD5: e499e6b5c52eec52122bb9697f799a0f
2011-12-22 Easened configuration for the teacher, modification of configuration files in a new GUI editor SebWindowsConfig. Simplified file format of the ini files (better human-readable). Optional SEB Light version lacking Windows Service and Installer.
MD5: f01b8d510c43c00625300ed38080e399
2011-08-25 Easened configuration and deployment for the teacher, modification of configuration files before rather than after installation, administrative installation via network
MD5: e3a7b235a5ac95f91e42954441390d32
2011-07-06 Stores log files and ini files in ProgramData (Win 7) or CommonAppData (Win XP) directory
MD5: ac3db21615aac01a9c1370b8f3f2882d
2011-06-30 Multilingual (D/E/F), improved abort behaviour, XULRunner bugfix, detection of Virtual Machines
MD5: f405cca94a208a9de899f2a5ec51cf58
2011-05-12 Simplifies SEB installation by automatically starting the Windows Service at the end of .msi installation
MD5: 118d7bf39300d2e4023bce855583212a
2011-04-28 Bugfix regarding Task Manager, new Windows Service, installation using Microsoft Installer
MD5: e59bca855fa131e1e24dde5ca5ee91c5
2011-01-26 Bugfix regarding write permissions of the logfile
MD5: 189693f38c3cee8d23905175e533ea3d
2011-01-26 Bugfix regarding write permissions of the logfile
2011-01-18 Based on XULRunner rather than on Portable Firefox
2010-12-22 Adds logfile functionality (set the variable LOG_FILE in Seb.ini)
2010-09-07 Fixes SEB 1.3.1 LMS access problem
seb_1.3.1 2010-08-30 Fixes SEB 1.3 startup problem
seb_1.3 2010-07-15 Supports Windows 7
MD5: 51a04414fe4a27981b54089a496fb3c2
2008-12-01 starts other applications
MD5: 5814a7b968675d0af6a8032674ccd0b2
2008-10-23 first release
MD5: 9acd02ea31eb32567eaa480743b4ffcc
seb_1.0 2008-08-21
Safe Exam Browser for macOS
SHA1: 3e1edfcbf3865071c175e11f2dd646c55d5feaf5

SEB 3.2.5 for macOS increases security in exams, further enhances the optional support for SEB Server and adds stability improvements.

SEB 3.2.5 is the last SEB version supporting macOS 10.11 and 10.12. We will keep it available for a while, but please transition to newer macOS and SEB versions.

We don't recommend to use this version anymore, please transition to SEB 3.3 or newer.

SHA1: 03a761833c4dbb808c0fb7fc3d8324b591f8435b

SEB 3.0 for macOS is a major update, supporting the modern WebKit browser engine and access to camera/microphone via WebRTC.

SHA1: b5fa2826411aa8e8448b26ec8aa28d2d5c50aad4

This version is is a minor update for 2.3.1 with one issue fixed when running on Apple Silicon based Macs.

SEB 2.3.2 is the last SEB version supporting macOS 10.7 - 10.10.

SHA1: f50a31b531a9bdd18bfc78f51ca6c6c77295ccf1
2021-03-22 Maintenance update, which disables Automatic Assessment Configuration (AAC) macOS Assessment Mode in default settings.
SHA1: 5ee996710bbc7a1f9c5f337f2d57ff5f2428c58a
2021-02-23 Major update, which adds initial support for the Automatic Assessment Configuration (AAC) macOS Assessment Mode, adds new capabilities, improves the UI for students and exam administrators and fixes several issues.
SHA1: 50da8b61c17d56a88b29a40f61dc6379d605b4f0
2020-10-16 Maintenance update for SEB 2.2.1, with some improvements and bug fixes (like: Prevent Preferences window to be opened in Moodle 3.9 when using automatically generated settings).
SHA1: 6ea7500893d77d2ceb1329557108872f02b0701c
2020-08-31 Major update, improving security by blocking prohibited processes, adding new capabilities and offering full compatibility to enhanced integrations with learning management systems, like the one available in Moodle 3.9
SHA1: ec17d53570336c2b20f64be35e4855f80b487d1f
2019-10-31 Enhances exam security and improves usability, for example when using additional resources in multiple browser windows.

2018-07-23 Includes important security and stability improvements.
SHA1: f199534d21d2b900008183e3959a37f9fd423b18
2016-11-01 Fixes some issues of SEB 2.1.1 which could occur in non-default screen configurations and when starting SEB by opening specific settings.
2016-10-26 Feature update which supports loading seb(s):// linked settings from authenticated servers, pinned TLS certificates, private clipboard and blocks overlay panel windows and screen sharing.
SHA1: f199534d21d2b900008183e3959a37f9fd423b18
2015-11-06 Safe Exam Browser 2.1 with new features, usability enhancements and major security improvements.

SHA1: 5c2e2f21805c75976d7a3b5496760e9b92bffb0f
MD5: 43e993668f7eeba868317885ad2933af
2014-12-30 Final release of Safe Exam Browser 2.0 with a full range of new features and superior usability.
SHA1: b8309775edc6a5c4e55ffe806e13c1eae145d58c
MD5: d3203eba648092bc4fc6c779fb16fed0
2014-03-21 Stable preview release.
MD5: 9e163ab593ed0a5245c5f6af0b1c52ac
2012-02-28 Fixed sometimes not active link button for pasting saved clipboard string in general preferences pane.
2012-02-22 Completed french translation of new GUI elements and fixed bug preferences window not set to modal.
SafeExamBrowser-1.5 2012-01-31 Supports additional browser windows and improves integrity of the SEB environment, offers fine grade settings for opening and blocking links in new browser windows and the upload of files edited in third party applications was made easier and more secure.
MD5: 8c57fe1ffcbcca15dfde4f0184743057
2011-11-07 Fixed a bug running on OS X 10.7.2 Lion: Browser window didn't come in front and a bug crashing when starting third party application by downloading document.
2011-09-12 Individual configuration can be written into the application bundle.
2011-07-19 Completed French translation of the GUI.
2011-06-30 VM detector and improved compatibility with OS X 10.7 Lion.
2011-06-15 Fixed a bug of SEB 1.2 crashing when there was no preferences file saved yet. Completed French translation.
2011-06-03 download/upload and automatic opening of downloaded files can be allowed in preferences
2011-04-30 new preferences window with panes and additional applications can be allowed to run with SEB during exams
2011-03-25 added French localization
2010-12-23 added German localization
2010-12-14 stable release with fundamental security improvements
2010-10-30 release candidate
SEB Beta 1 2010-08-19 first release
Learning Management Systems
Moodle Extensions

Quiz mode patch for Moodle 2.3.x
SHA1: 6d43851950e7e7d029d2320f5641d9cb85c9ff16
MD5: d0575b4ba1ba6125dc8a5ed1e957b713

This patch fixes the exam mode in Moodle 2.3.x used with Safe Exam Browser: The navigation links to other parts of the LMS are not displayed during an exam. The fix will be included in Moodle 2.4, below you can find short instructions (for Moodle administrators) how to apply the fix on Moodle 2.3 versions:

  • Unpack the zip file.
  • The additional patch code passages are starting with // Voma add start and ending with // Voma add end, they are situated almost at the end of the files.
  • Since the attempt.php and summary.php files can slightly differ in varying Moodle 2.3.x versions, you should copy only the code between // Voma add start/end to the right spot into the two according files of a Moodle 2.3.x installation.
2012-11-15 First release. Not necessary for Moodle version 2.4 and above
MD5: f5ba56d2ac61f8f96b369de2794fa0ed
2009-01-15 2 bugfixes
moodle_extension_1.0 2008-12-01 First release. Not necessary for Moodle version 1.9.6 and above
ILIAS Extensions
MD5: 212ee424c7858b0e651178fec7978c25
2008-08-20 First release. Not necessary for ILIAS version 3.10 and above