Software extensions for supported Learning Management Systems: Moodle, ILIAS.

Safe Exam Browser 2.1.8 for Windows

Current version of Safe Exam Browser for Windows 7, 8.1 and 10
SHA1: 02fe919aff28814273229dd25bb3ad8e36dcdc0c

Download from GitHub project site.

SEB 2.1.8 for Windows is an important update which increases security and stability. This SEB version re-introduces the "Create new desktop" kiosk mode, which reliably blocks notifications from various applications like some web browsers (applications which don't use standard Windows notifications, those were always blocked in SEB). This got possible because the mouse pointer offset problem, which occurred with SEB 2.1.5, "Create new desktop" and a recent Windows Creators Update could be solved now.

We recommend an immediate update if you're using SEB 2.1.6/2.1.7. If you manually changed your settings to use the "Disable Explorer Shell" kiosk mode with these two SEB versions, then you can change it back to "Create new Desktop" again. You can also remove the default prohibited browser processes from your settings which were added by SEB 2.1.7. If you open a config file containing such default prohibited processes in SEB Config Tool or switch back to "Create new desktop", a dialog is displayed asking if you want to remove those processes.

Note: In this final release version the SEB client (SafeExamBrowser.exe) has the version If you installed an earlier build of 2.1.8, then update to this final version now.

In addition, SEB 2.1.8 blocks new default prohibited processes like some screen sharing and communication tools, fixes the severe "Sticky Keys" security issue and a rare bug which made it possible to switch applications using the shortcut Win + Tab on some devices. All changes:

  • Re-integrated the "Create New Desktop" kiosk mode and declared dpi-awareness to resolve mouse pointer offset.
  • Adding strictly prohibited default processes (screen sharing and communication tools) unconditionally to settings, default prohibited (browser) processes only in Disable Explorer Shell kiosk mode.
  • Now removing prohibited default processes in SEB Config Tool conditionally (if admin user confirms) from settings when loading config file which has Create new desktop kiosk mode set or when switching to Create new desktop (in Security tab).
  • Process monitoring is now always active if either of the two kiosk modes is set.
  • Fixed dialog for entering settings password (if displayed when starting SEB) had a wrong scale if the system DPI ratio was different than 100%.
  • Added monitoring of Windows File Explorer to prevent rare cases when explorer.exe was restarted, the shortcuts Win+Tab and Win+D and "Sticky Keys" were working.
  • Fixed that the wrong permitted process was automatically started (with autostart property set) when the SEB browser is deactivated.
  • Fixed quitting SEB didn't quit some permitted processes like Acrobat Reader.

See release notes for all changes and known issues.

Other features:

  • Support for encrypted .seb setting files which allow to individually configure SEB per exam. The configuration is compatible with both the Windows and Mac version of SEB. Use the separate SEB Windows configuration tool to create .seb settings.
  • Buttons in the SEB task bar for restart exam, reload page, change keyboard layout, switch Wi-Fi network and a display for the current time improve usability in exams.
  • Feature to quit SEB after the exam is submitted by specifying a quit link and placing this on the summary page displayed by your LMS after submitting the exam.
  • The Browser Exam Key allows an exam module to authenticate the connecting SEB version and its settings. Plug-ins offering this functionality have been released for the learning management systems Moodle and ILIAS, OpenOLAT from version 10.2 has built-in support.
  • SEB can be used with the fault-tolerant mode Moodle quiz plugin, which allows to continue quizzes even if the internet connection to the Moodle server fails.
  • Configurable options (per exam) in the user interface: Size and positioning of browser windows (main window with the quiz and additional browser windows) can be preset. The SEB main browser window can be displayed full screen or as a sizable and movable window.
  • Permitted third party applications are easy to start and to switch to (autostart together with SEB and by clicking on its icon in the SEB task bar). Prohibited processes and applications can be defined which are closed when SEB starts up.
  • PrintScreen can be blocked, the clipboard is cleaned when SEB is started and stopped.
  • Security feature which monitors processes and hinders all non-permitted applications to open, become active and display windows while SEB is running.
  • Individual proxy settings, URL filters and server certificates can be used per exam.
  • SEB config files saved for configuring a client can contain embedded cryptographic identities (X.509 certificates with private key) which will be installed in the Windows Certificate Store and then can be used to decrypt .seb config files without having to use a settings password.
  • The SEB installer updates an existing SEB installation automatically, so an older SEB version doesn't need to be uninstalled first.
  • SEB pauses Windows Update and therefore prevents slowing down and sudden restarting of a machine during an exam.
  • Screen saver and idle sleep are paused while SEB is running to prevent having to enter an screen unlock password before the exam starts.

SEB configuration editor for creating and modifying .seb settings files for Safe Exam Browser:

  • Allows to define all options for the Windows and Mac versions of SEB 2.x.
  • Can save .seb files for individual configuration per exam and per exam client, which are protected by strong encryption against manipulation.
  • Configuration files can configure a SEB exam client to show for example a portal page with the current exams.
  • Configuration files can be used to start an exam with individual configuration (like specific security and user interface options, permitted third party applications, Browser Exam Key for authenticating these settings and the SEB application to an exam server, Quit Link to close SEB automatically when an exam is submitted etc.).
  • Supports .seb files encrypted with password or X.509 (public/private key cryptography) certificates. For debugging purposes .seb configuration files can be saved unencrypted in an human readable XML format.

See release notes for all changes and read the manual which covers all SEB features.

Safe Exam Browser 2.1.2 for macOS

Current version of Safe Exam Browser for macOS 10.12, 10.11, 10.10, 10.9, 10.8 and 10.7*
SHA1: e9249dbc86bc16b1586f9a4dc34de29303f1b14c

Download from new GitHub project site.

Safe Exam Browser 2.1.2 for macOS offers new features, usability enhancements and includes major security improvements (therefore it is highly recommended to update as soon as possible):

  • Fully compatible with macOS 10.12 Sierra
  • Implements support for embedded TLS/SSL & CA certificates and certificate pinning (for SEB running on macOS 10.9 or later) for enhanced security when connecting with exam servers.
  • SEB is now using a private clipboard, so utilities running in the background and Universal Clipboard (on macOS 10.12 Sierra) cannot be used to copy-paste contents into or out of exams (can be disabled if using third party applications in a securely managed user account).
  • WebAudio API is enabled now.
  • Added blocking panels and windows opened by third party tools running in the background.
  • Added detection for macOS ScreenSharing.
  • Added deactivating display mirroring and a new setting option for a maximum number of displays which the user is allowed to use. This can prevent wireless displays to be used to cheat or leak exam content.
  • Added full support for Basic/Digest and NTLM Authentication.
  • Loading seb(s):// linked settings from authenticated servers is possible now, even with indirect links (not containing the config file name with the .seb extension, like for example sebs:// Therefore a SEB exam config file can be stored for example into the same Moodle course as the quiz. The login session is remembered, therefore students don't have to login twice in SEB if you start SEB/an exam using a seb(s):// link to a config file on an authenticated server.
  • Added a new settings option to enforce a minimal macOS version. This is helpful if your web application isn't compatible with an older WebKit version (as for example used in OS X 10.7) or if you want to make sure that embedded certificates and certificate pinning work on all exam clients, then you should enforce the minimum macOS version 10.9.
  • On a trackpad supporting Force Touch, the lookup feature (invoked by strongly pressing the trackpad while the cursor is over a word or text selection) is now also blocked when the settings option "Allow dictionary look up" is disabled.
  • Fixed an issue when a media player app like iTunes could take over the screen if started with the keyboard play key (after being maximized to full screen and quit before starting SEB).
  • Fixed issues in the URL filter: Host addresses with or without a trailing slash "/" are treated as the same address, creating a filter for a path with trailing wildcard "/*" now also matches the path without trailing slash.
  • Fixed a WebKit related bug which occurred in older WebKit versions (if running on an older system than OS X 10.11) and with malformatted DOM elements.
  • When starting SEB by opening a .seb config file or a seb(s):// link, the start URL from persistent settings of the SEB client isn't opened first anymore, instead the new settings are directly applied. In case loading or decrypting these new settings isn’t successful (load error, canceled by the user, wrong decryption credentials etc.), SEB quits instead of continuing with the persistent client settings.
  • Fixed various minor issues. The bugfix release SEB 2.1.2 mainly fixes issues in SEB 2.1.1 which could occur in non-default screen configurations and when starting SEB by opening specific settings in a .seb file.

Main features:

  • Support for encrypted SEB setting files (file type .seb) which allow to individually configure SEB per exam. You can use the same .seb files for starting exams on SEB Windows clients and SEB clients on macOS.
  • Comfortable built-in editor for the platform-independent SEB configuration files, which can also set all additional individual settings for the Windows version.
  • SEB features an optional dock/task bar displaying an icon for the SEB browser with controls for its open browser windows, additional buttons and display widgets.
  • SEB can easily be quit after the exam is submitted by specifying a quit link and placing it on the summary page displayed by your LMS/exam system after submitting the exam.
  • The Browser Exam Key allows an exam module to authenticate the connecting SEB version and its settings. Plug-ins offering this functionality have been released for the learning management systems Moodle and ILIAS, other systems have built-in support: OpenOLAT, Inspera Assessment and others.
  • User interface can be customized: Size and positioning of browser windows (main window with the quiz and additional browser windows) can be preset. Main window can be displayed full screen. An indicator shows network activity.
  • SEB can optionally display the standard macOS menu bar and a tool bar in browser windows, functions like 'About SEB', quit, open preferences, reload page, zoom page/text and browsing back/forward are therefore easier accessible.
  • Enhanced URL filter including teaching mode to control access of the SEB browser to web links and resources. Saved settings files contain URL filter rules which also work in SEB for Windows.

See release notes for complete list of new features and changes.

* Please note: On OS X 10.7 SEB can only be used as an exam client, the preferences window is not available. Run SEB on OS X 10.8 or higher to create a .seb configuration file to configure SEB clients running on OS X 10.7 as well.

SafeExamBrowser 2.1.11 for iOS in the App Store

Current version of SafeExamBrowser for iOS 9.3.5 and newer

SEB for iOS opens a web browser without an address and search bar, loads a pre-configured webpage and locks an iPad (or iPhone or iPod Touch) into a single app kiosk mode.

  • The single app kiosk mode used by SEB is built into the iOS operating system and therefore provides a high level of security.
  • Students cannot switch to other apps, access other websites or communicate with other students during an exam.
  • Notifications, FaceTime/voice calls and screen shots are also blocked.
  • SEB for iOS works both on unmanaged iOS devices like students' own iPads as well as on iOS devices owned and managed by an institution. 
  • SEB for iOS is compatible with the existing versions for macOS and Windows. You can use the same SEB config links and files to start exams in SEB from Safari or Mail or to configure SEB to display your institution's exam system start/portal page.
  • In SEB for iOS exams with individual settings can also be started by QR codes.
  • SEB for iOS can be installed and configured using a mobile device management system, as it supports the iOS feature "MDM Managed Configuration".
  • SEB for iOS is also compatible with Apple Classroom.
  • This first version contains some new features currently unique to the iOS version and some features of the macOS/Windows versions are not yet available. Please check the compatibility of SEB for iOS version 2.1.11 with your exam system.

Check out the SEB for iOS manual which explains all features. In addition, we published a first version of a tutorial which will help exam administrators to better understand how to configure and use SEB for iOS. It also includes how SEB for iOS can be used together with the Apple Classroom app. More topics will be added to this tutorial over time.

SEB Quiz Access Rule for Moodle

This plugin ensures that the right and unmodified SEB version using the correct (secure) settings is connecting to a Moodle quiz. After installing this plugin you can copy the Browser Exam Key hash code generated by SEB for the SEB settings used into the quiz settings in Moodle (see manuals for Windows/macOS versions of SEB).

ILIAS Plugin for SEB

This plugin ensures that the right and unmodified SEB version using the correct (secure) settings is connecting to an ILIAS instance with a specific user role. After installing this plugin you can copy the Browser Exam Key hash code generated by SEB for the SEB settings used into the ILIAS settings (see manuals for Windows/macOS versions of SEB).

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