• What is SEB for Windows changing in the system?
    While running, SEB changes Windows Registry settings for the options in the Windows Security Screen invoked by Ctrl-Alt-Del (for details see this section in the manual). In addition when running on Windows versions before 10, SEB stops Windows updates while it is running using a Registry setting and re-enables them when being quit (when SEB 2.1.1 or later is running on Windows 10, only the Windows Update background service is stopped and restarted when SEB is quit).
    SEB remembers the values for these Registry settings which were active on the exam client computer before running SEB and resets them to the original values when exiting regularly. In case the PC would be force reset while SEB is running or SEB would crash, these Registry settings are again reset to the original values:
    • when SEB is restarted once again and properly quit;
    • when the computer is restarted (this doesn’t work always, depending on peculiarities of the Windows installation);
    • or when uninstalling SEB

    There is also a command line tool which can be used to reset those values for the unlikely case that the SEB Windows Service (a background service which is part of SEB) didn't work properly or was damaged and can't be run anymore.This tool can be found at the following directory path in your Program Files directory:
    (see manual for details how to use the registry resetter tool).

    When SEB is installed, the file type with the file extension .seb and the custom URL protocols seb:// and sebs:// (the latter starting SEB 2.1.1) are registered. These associations are removed when SEB is being uninstalled.

    SEB also creates two directories for local SEB settings in locations which are designated in Windows for such purposes:
    • C:\ProgramData\SafeExamBrowser\
      Exact path using Windows environment variable:

    • C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\SafeExamBrowser\
      Exact path using Windows environment variable:
      In this directory the SEB web browser also caches resources. In SEB's default settings this cached data is removed when SEB quits.
  • These directories and possible contents are not removed automatically when SEB is uninstalled.
  • What is SEB for macOS changing in the system?
    SEB doesn't perform any real changes in macOS (this is comprehensible as there is no administrator password necessary when starting SEB for macOS the first time). One global setting (user defaults) change is performed while SEB is running: The path where screen shots are saved is temporarily changed when SEB starts and set back to the user's preset when SEB is quit. If the Mac would be force restarted while SEB is running or SEB would crash, starting and quitting SEB resets the screen shot path again to the original user's preset. In the unlikely case this should ever fail, it is easy to reset this screen shot location to the system's default (the desktop folder) with the following command line in the terminal:

    defaults write com.apple.screencapture location ~/Desktop && killall SystemUIServer

Please also check the following pages:

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